Are you confused or overwhelmed by all of the conflicting nutrition advice out there?
Do you experience fear, anxiety or guilt around food?
Do you restrict yourself around food, eat in secret, comfort or binge eat?
Do you feel stressed or anxious?

Or perhaps there’s another health concern that’s been bothering you for a while, or something just doesn’t feel quite right. Whatever is going on in your life, I'd love to help you reclaim your health.

With a special interest in disordered eating, I’ll work with you to help you find your happy place with food. It’s important to work with disordered eating soon, before these habits become diagnosable eating disorders. But no matter what stage you’re at (‘disordered eating’ or ‘eating disorder’), I’m here to help. Experience has shown me that these things are often tied up with anxiety and stress, and these are other passion areas of mine. I’ll help you to:

  • Address disordered eating patterns and habits – regardless of whether you’ve been diagnosed with an eating disorder or not. These may include overeating, binge eating, restricting food, compensatory behaviours such as purging or excessive exercise, body image concerns, repetitive dieting, a fixation with counting calories or weighing food, and orthorexia (an obsession with only eating ‘healthy’ food).

  • Address anxiety, stress and any other co-existing health concerns.

  • Navigate the confusing world of nutrition and ‘healthy eating’ – we’ll shut out the external noise and dismantle rules around food, and instead build your confidence and trust in tuning in to yourself and making your own decisions around food.

  • Look beyond just what you eat – and also consider your thoughts, feelings and behaviours around food. Here, I often incorporate mindful eating practices.

  • Take a holistic and individualised approach – by going beyond nutrition to incorporate various lifestyle aspects to help you create realistic, enjoyable and long lasting changes – physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ll also take into account your unique goals, challenges, likes and dislikes, history and circumstances.

Nina has helped me nurture a healthier relationship with food and helped ensure that I see my wellbeing as a priority. I initially came to Nina for help with my relationship with food but have ended up getting so much more help with my general wellbeing. Since seeing Nina, I have created a better relationship with food and have created a healthier and happier mental space for myself.
— E.C.

Initial Consultation (90 mins)

In your first consultation, a detailed holistic case history is taken where we talk about your current symptoms as well as areas like how different body systems are working, your health history, sleep patterns, energy levels, stress levels and more. We also discuss various dietary aspects, including behaviours and thoughts surrounding food. Importantly, careful attention is paid to your individual circumstances as we are all unique and have our own story.


Follow Up Consultation (60 mins)

In a follow up consultation, we check in on your progress and adjust your treatment plan accordingly. This provides a key opportunity to reflect and delve deeper to ensure long lasting and enjoyable changes.


Free Introductory Chat (15 mins)

When you’re working with someone on your health, it’s important to feel comfortable with them and that you can trust them. In this complimentary 15 minute phone call, see how we can work together and ask any questions you may have.

Other Services

I also provide the following services. Please send me an email at to find out more and book.

  • Supermarket shopping tours (individual and group sessions available)

  • Cooking classes (individual, family and group sessions available)

  • Pantry overhauls


Health Funds

I am registered with all Australian private health funds that offer rebates for nutrition consultations. Provision of rebates will depend on your level of cover, please call your health fund to find out.


Nina listened patiently and openly before suggesting simple, manageable changes that could be made to my diet and self care routine, and offered clever food prep tips to help me nourish my body even when short on time. Very quickly I saw a real improvement in the way my body (and mind!) responded to food.
The significant reduction in symptoms has lead to a huge improvement in my health, happiness and quality of life. Nina’s holistic and well-informed approach to nutrition has truly been transformative for me and I can’t recommend her enough!
— H.P.