Nina has helped me nurture a healthier relationship with food and helped ensure that I see my wellbeing as a priority. I initially came to Nina for help with my relationship with food but have ended up getting so much more help with my general wellbeing. Since seeing Nina, I have created a better relationship with food and have created a healthier and happier mental space for myself.
Nina is extremely understanding and has never made me feel judged for my eating habits. She is always very supportive and has helped me to find flexible solutions to meet my individual needs. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is seeking help especially from someone who is well-informed, supportive and compassionate.
— E.C.
Nina is a first-class practitioner. I came to see her to assist in balancing my hormones and managing my high levels of stress. With her non-judgemental and caring demeanour, throughout our sessions I consistently felt listened to and cared for.
I would definitely recommend Nina to anybody who is looking to improve their relationship with food, reduce their stress and feel cared for.
— T.G.
Nina listened patiently and openly before suggesting simple, manageable changes that could be made to my diet and self care routine, and offered clever food prep tips to help me nourish my body even when short on time.
Nina’s holistic and well-informed approach to nutrition has truly been transformative for me and I can’t recommend her enough!
— H.P.